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Leading Edge Aircraft Company tends to a broad range of customer needs. By focusing on aircraft types and mission profiles, and by understanding the value of the asset, we provide flexible and creative lease solutions to operators throughout the USA and Canada.

Uniform Fleet

Operating a standardized fleet is one of the top goals of most operators.

Cost Effective

Leasing offers fleet flexibility, and the opportunity to increase ROI for your operation.


No need to worry any longer about engine overhauls....we'll cover that when the time comes.

Reduced Maintenance

Aircraft show up on your ramp clean and with fresh inspections ready to work. We can also help standardize your fleet.

Lease Programs

Our lease programs require a lower upfront capital outlay compared to purchasing outright or financing. This offers the ability to grow your fleet sooner then you may have otherwise.

Requested Aircraft
We work with reputable sellers and we are looking for a range of aircraft types. View our full list of wanted aircraft to learn more.
Quality Parts
Parts for Sale
We offer a wide selection of high-quality parts designed to meet your needs. View the full list and connect with us to learn more.

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