Why Lease a Leading Edge Aircraft?

Our focus is to build strategic, long term relationships which foster the growth of our clients business while leasing with Leading Edge. Our backgrounds enable us to understand the challenges operators face when bringing on a new aircraft. Challenges like maintenance programs, Pilot training, SMS and much more. This knowledge allows us to tailor a flexible product which suits our clients specific objective.

Leading Edge Leasing Benefits

No Balloon Payment

No Balloon Payment

Flexible Terms

Flexible Terms

Flexible Payments

Rental Payments to meet your needs

Choice of Aircraft

Our clients choose the aircraft

OFF-Balance sheet

OFF-Balance sheet

Reduced Risk

End of term options: Walk-away, renew or extend the term.

Reducing Risk

Our goal is to align our customers with the proper products for their individual operation. We take on some of the risk so our clients can reduce theirs.

Leading Edge Aircraft Company reduces your risk:

  • Credit Risk: We complete a credit review and take comfort with security of the asset.
  • Interest Rate Risk: We offer fixed rates on leases, protecting our client from interest rate increases.
  • Disposal Risk: At the end of term, you will have the option to walk away without incurring any further expense.
  • Residual Risk: We cover 100% of the residual risk, while providing 100% of the financing.